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Darrel YoungSteve Damiani’s boxing program has changed the way I train as a professional athlete. Training is something I do on a daily basis, but not like this program. It has made me understand the meaning behind hard work, and desire. Steve pushes my body to limits that I wouldn’t ever imagine doing myself. Everyone that I know that wants to push themselves, I recommend they meet Steve, because he challenges you each and every session.
Darrel Young, Washington Redskins




Joseph Riotta (member 3 years)

I had been trying to lose about 20 lbs for as long as I can remember. I tried liquid diets, Atkins, you name it, and nothing worked. Finally, about 6 months ago a friend convinced me to try Spin classes.
The classes are not just great for my health, but the instructors make them fun: The time just flies and, believe it or not, some of us even plan our weekends AROUND the Saturday morning class, so as not to miss it.
I have lost 12 lbs in the last 3 months, feel great and plan on losing even more!

Joan Maglione (original member)

Everyone knows what a cold and icy winter we had this year [2013-2014]. My husband and I made an effort to get to the gym a couple of times a week to help deal with monotony of this long winter. It helped keep us healthy and was good for the spirits! We could have used the cold as an excuse to stay inside and plump up, but we walked, spun, weight-trained and stair-stepped our way through the winter so we can have a healthier spring.

Jeanne Rosser (member over 10 years)

I live in Amityville. I like that I can walk to the gym. I have seen a vast improvement in service in 15 or so years I have been a member. There are bigger gyms with more facilities but I have never been to a friendlier place and I feel at home.

James Gilder

I want to let you know how grateful I am that I was a member of your gym. I started taking my daughter with me years ago. She started out in your Daycare and through the years became a member. At first, she was nervous but, as time went on she was on the elliptical much longer than me. Half the fun was just driving there and back chit chatting but, our destination was always your gym. She went and did what kids do. She grew up and her interests changed though the trips to the gym became more infrequent, the time spent together was priceless. Now we have moved but your gym will always be a special place for us. Chris has been wonderful to us through the years thank you for all your kindness.